We are currently looking for Pastry Cooks to join our small dynamic team! Our commitment to made-from-scratch pastries, beautiful presentations, and use of high quality ingredients has made our products highly desired across the States. We are looking for team members who are committed, willing to push the limits, hard working, and have a strong desire to learn.


  • minimum one year of experience or equivalent in culinary school
  • strong customer service skills
  • eager willingness to learn
  • ready to take on challenges and find solutions quickly
  • humble, but confident in their work
  • high levels of emotional intelligence


Domi Foods seeks to employ a Pastry Chef at our kitchen in Los Angeles, California. The duties of this position will include:

  • Oversee production of baked goods and pastries such as a a wide range of breads and viennoiseries, glazed cakes and buttercream cakes
  • Develop recipes, manage inventory, maintain a clean and safe work environment, ensure safe handling of food products


  • Two years’ experience in pastry including one year experience in glazing and decorating entremets and mousse cakes and one year experience in assembly, frosting and decorating buttercream cakes in a commercial setting;
  • Demonstrated ability to operate a sheeter, mixer, proofer and industrial baking oven;
  • Completed manager ServSafe certification
  • Demonstrated knowledge of proper mousse technique including airy mousse texture, even layering of inserts, smooth exterior, no excess mousse around and at the base of the cake

Please send your resumes and portfolio to