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creating new puff flavors has always been a very fulfilling process. since our inception, we've created 20 flavors and hope to create more and more in the next few years. here is everything we've made so far, as well as some of our favs.

strawberry jasmine:
jasmine ganache, strawberry jam, white chocolate crisps, fresh strawberry slice
pineapple cake:
pineapple ganache, pineapple jam, candied pineapple
hojicha ganache
coffee hazelnut:
vietnamese coffee ganache with hazelnut praline, candied hazelnuts
hazelnut ganache, nutella, gold leaf
banana milk:
banana ganache, bruleed banana slice
black sesame:
black sesame ganache, black sesame seeds
earl grey lavender:
earl grey ganache, lavender ganache
cocoa puff:
cocoa choux, genmaicha ganache, caramel drizzle
miso caramel apple:
caramel ganache, miso apple compote, apple chip
milk & honey:
milk ganache, honey comb toffee, honey drizzle
egg tart:
egg custard, shortbread cookie
calamansi coconut:
calamansi curd, coconut ganache
sakura red bean:
sakura ganache, red bean paste
pumpkin cinnamon:
pumpkin pie filling, cinnamon ganache, candied ginger
matcha yuzu:
matcha ganache, yuzu ganache
lucky candy:
yakult ganache, lucky disc
mandarin ganache, mandarin marmalade
yuzu meringue:
yuzu curd, torched meringue
XL brown sugar boba:
cream cheese mousse, black tea ganache, brown sugar boba, chocolate wafer straw

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